Iceland Grand Circle

 On this tour you will get to know the great variety and contrasts of the Icelandic nature with it´s many waterfalls and glaciers, volcanic landscape, green valleys and picturesque villages


7 Days

From  €2840



Viking Trail

the Saga of Eric the Red who discovered Greenland and the Vinlandsaga the story of his son Leif the Lucky who sailed to Vinland (America)  500 years before Columbus

viking heritage and the sagas

9 Days

 From €4.765



Explore South Greenland

This trip gives you a short and intensive experience of South Greenland - the land of contrast. The scenery is impressive, mountains, glaciers and icebergs-but it is also incredibly green !


4 Days

From €1810




Iceland Highlands

get off the beaten track and explore the highlands of Iceland, the last unspoiled wilderness in Europe.You will also visit some of the main attractions of Iceland such as the Vatnajökull Park , the Glacier Lagoon and the Lake Mývatn area


6 Days

 From €2930


Self drive tours



Northern Explorer can customize a self drive tour around Iceland according to your wishes, please tell us what you have in mind , what kind of vehicle and what kind of accommodation you wish and we will plan your self-drive tour according to your wishes.

photo-1415871989540-61fe9268d3c8 (2)

Tailor made tours for individuals and small groups

tell us what you want to Explore




Fire And Ice

Discover the wonders of south Iceland Glaciers and Volcanoes, Icebergs and Geysers.

Icelandic Volcano

5 Days

From €2780




Adventure Tours

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