About Northern Explorer

Do you want to explore the north , the volcanic landscape of Iceland with it´s geysers, glaciers, northern lights in the winter or the midnight sun in the summer,?  Do you want to experience the majestic arctic nature of Greenland, mountains and glaciers and it´s  unique wildlife  If you want to experience the remoteness and the great nature of the these unique islands in the Atlantic with travel experts that can tailor make the trip of your dreams to the north please contact our travel consultants at:
info@northernexplorer.is. or call. +354 7700023 or 7700034

Northern Explorer is an expert  in tailor made tours for individuals and small groups in Iceland and Greenland. For further information please contact: info@northernexplorer.is or call +354 7700023/ 7700034

Average Temperature in Iceland

Jan 0,8
Feb 1,2
Mar 2,0
Apr 4,0
MAY 7,1
Jun 10,3
Jul 12,5
Aug 12,3
Sep 8,2
Oct 4,4
Nov 2,2
Dec 1,2


Monster Truck Iceland