In east Greenland are some of the most isolated settlements in the entire world. Along the more than 20.000 kilometres long coastline are only two towns and 5 small settlements, inhabited by only 3,500 people. The reason for that the population is not more dense is simple : East Greenland is situated between the polar sea ice and the Greenlandic Icecap, and is only accessible with supply ships 6 months a year. An awesome wilderness of more than 1,457,000 km². including the largest national park in the world: Tunu.

When you arrive to Ammassalik, then you entering the very heart of East Greenland’s exceptional beauty, and one of the most beautiful and unspoiled arctic areas in the world. The awesome landscape has no parallel in the entire arctic. A mosaic of steep, dramatic mountains, countless lakes, streams and rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and green valleys. Ammassalik radiates a purity, which has overwhelmed and fascinated visitors throughout time.

European civilzation first came in contact with the inuits of East Greenland in the late century, until that time is there nothing that indicates that the population of East Greenland had any previous contact with people from the outside world.
The remoteness and isolation of Ammassalik have always defined the district as one of the outposts of civilization. Well, it actually still is. Of course much has changed over the passed 100 years, and today we’re part of the world community; but like always nature is having the final word.
Although Inuits have lived in East Greenland for centuries is Tasiilaq is the only town in East Greenland with almost 2000 inhabitants, but additionally are five small settlements in the Ammassalik district and in Scoresbysund . Due to the climate and landscape there is no infrastructure outside Tasiilaq and the settlements. In the wintertime the local transportation is by helicopter, snowbobiles and dogsleds. During the summertime speedboats can be used for transportation in addition to helicopters.
Considering that the Ammassalik district is just south of the Arctic Circle, is the climate there surprisingly comfortable.The summers are generally dry and mild. The Winters are not so extremerly cold ,but with a lot of snow. The summer days are long with just a few hours of dusk. The Winter days are short, and the perfect time for seeing the amazing Northern Lights
Being less than a two hours flight from Reykjavik is East Greenland the ideal gateway to Greenland for many visitors.