Highland Safari


HIghland Safari



On this tour you will get off the beaten track and explore the highlands of Iceland, the last unspoiled wilderness in Europe.You will also visit some of the main attractions of Iceland such as the Vatnajökull Park , the Glacier Lagoon and the Lake Mývatn area. This tour gives an oppertunity to do some easy hikes.

• All departures are guaranteed with minimum of 6 participants
• Maximum group size of 20 participants
• Visit to the undpoilt highlands of Iceland


Day 1. South Coast- Glacier Lagoon.

The south coast of Iceland offers the visitor a magnificent scenery, black beaches glaciers and waterfalls. Some of the highlights of this day include:

The waterfalls Skógafoss and  Seljalandsfoss (which is possible to go behind), Cap Dyrhólaey which is an important breeding place of the puffins and the national park Skaftafell near the biggest ice cap of Europe Vatnajökull and finally the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón on which icebergs of all sizes and forms are drifting. We will sail with an amphibien vehicle in between the icebergs.

(Included boat tour on Glacial Lagoon )

Accommodation: near Höfn


Day 2. The Eastern Fjords

The Eastern Fjords with it´s small fishing villages and remote farms are really spectacular. At the Eastern Fjords are some semi precious stones like quartz, obsidian, zeolites etc to be found. In the village of Stöðvarfjörður is an unique stone collection located which we will pay a visit.

(entrance fee to Petras Stone museum included)

Accommodation : near Egilstaðir

Day 3.  Volcanoes and Lunar Landscape

The day will be spent exploring the wilderness north-east Iceland. The table volcano Mt. Herðubreið (1682 m)  which sometimes refered to as the „queen of Icelandic mountains“ is surrounded by lunar landscape, there is no wonder that the NASA sent their astronauts to this area to train before they went with the first Apollo to the moon. The Askja caldera is an enormous central volcano located above a massive magma chamber which is still in the making. Series of eruptions in the 19th century formed lake Öskjuvatn to which we will hike.

(lunch packet included)

Accommodation: The Mývatn area.


Day 4  Lake Mývatn

Lake Mývatn is known for it´s rich birdlife and unique volcanic landscape. We will explore this fascinating area with it´s fumaroles (mud-pots) and spectacular lavaformations. We will hike to the lavaformations Dimmuborgir and the crater Hverfjall , visit the pseudocraters at Skútustaðir and the thermal area Námaskarð. There is nothing like ending the day by relaxing in the geothermal water of the Nature Baths.

(bath entrance in Nature baths in Mývatn included)

Accommodation: The Mývatn area.


Day 5. Crossing the Interieur

Today we will get off the beaten track again as we are crossing the highlands on the mountain track F26.  Black deserts, lavafields and glaciers are to be seen in this wilderness in the middle of the country. It is mostly desolate and barren but where there is water there is some vegetation. In the past when people where superstitious then the interieur was belived to be the home of trolls, elves and other supernatural beings. There are also many stories of outlawers that were hiding in the highlands. We will be driving on a rough gravel road and need to ford som rivers.

(lunch packet included )

Accommodation: Hrauneyjar Highland Center.


Day 6 . The Colourful Mountains of Landmannalaugar.

The landscape in the nature reserve Landmannalaugar can hardly be described with words. The rhyolite mountaines are really colourful and create a big contrast to the black lavafields and sand desert that surround them. After a hike in this dramatic landscape then it is nothing possible to enjoy a warm bath  in  a natural hot spring. Enroute to Reykjavik we will pass Mt. Hekla  which is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland and which was known in the past as the „Gateway to Hell“.

(lunch paket included )

Accommodation Reykjavik


Valid summer  2018
Price per person in EUR min. 6. persons
Double room 2660,—
Single supplement 490,—-

Included in tour price :

• 6 nights accommodations in double room with private facilities
• 6 x breakfast buffet
• 5 x dinner (3 courses)
• 3 lunch packets
• Bus and guide as per itenearary from day 1 to day 6
• entrance fee to the Nature Baths in Myvatn
• entrance to Petra's stone collection
• Boat tour at the Glacial Lagoon Jökulsárlón

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