Tailor Made/Make your own 

Do you have a dream trip to the north and know exactly what you want to to do and see whether its whale watching, mountain hiking, flying a plain your self over a volcanic glacier,or whatever you can think of   we can organize your tour for you. All you have to do is dream of a tour and send us your ideas and we will make it happen nothing is impossible. With tailor made you dream it we arrange it



Population: 313,000 people live on Iceland (2008)

Capital: Reykjavik, which means “smoky bay”, with 120,000 inhabitants.

Name: Island, Nickname: Land of Fire and Ice

Government: Democracy

Language: Icelandic, but almost everyone also speaks english

Religion: mainly Christians (Evangelical Lutheran Church 84%)

Currency: 1 Islandic Krona (ISK)

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