This tour is focusing on the viking heritage and the sagas, i.e. the Saga of Eric the Red who discovered Greenland and the Vinlandsaga the story of his son Leif the Lucky who sailed to Vinland (America)  500 years before Columbus. But we are also exploring and enjoying the beautiful nature of two different islands in the Atlantic Iceland and Greenland.


Day 1.

Arrival to Keflavik International Airport. Transfer to Reykjavik

Accommodation in Reykjavik

Day 2.

We start the day with a short city tour of the northernmost capital city in the world, after that are we heading north, we drive along the Whale Bay to the district of Borgarfjörður which is the scene of many of the sagas like the Egils Saga. We will visit Reykholt the home of the Edda writer Snorri Sturluson, nearby is the water richest hot water spring in the world at Deildartunga. The Hraunfossar waterfalls which are an unique nature phenomenon are our next destination. A visit to the settlement centre in Borgarnes is one of the highlights of this day.

Accommodation Borgarnes

Day 3.

Today are we visiting Eiríksstaðir in Dalir once the home of Eric the Red where we will see a reconstruction of a viking farm, which is supposed to look very similar to Eric´s farm. The Snæfellsnes peninsula is also the scene of many of the sagas, but it is also known for unique lavaformations, cliffs rich of birdlife and the magic Snæfellsjökull. We will visit picturesque fishing villages and historical sites before returning back to Reykjavik.

Accommodation Reykjavik.

Day  4.

In the morning are we flying from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Narsasuaq South Greeenland.When arriving to Narsasuaq then you can understand why Eric the Red decided to give this country the name Greenland, the south of Greenland has got much richer vegetation and milder climate than one might expect. Boat transfer between the icebergs and high mountains to Qaqortoq which is a charming little town with colourful houses in beautiful surroundings.

Accommodation Qaqortoq

Day 5.

South Greenland is rich of history, ruins from the viking era are to be seen at many places. We will learn about the life of the norse settlers in Greenland and sail to Hvalsey where we will see the ruins of a medevial church that are unbeliveably well preserved, after that will we sail to Narsasuaq where we will stay the next night.

Accommodation Narsasuaq.

Day 6.

In the morning will we visit Brattahlid the home of Eric the Red in Greenland. We will see the reconstructions of a viking farm and a church , which are located near the actual ruins of Erics farm. An afternoon flight back to Reykjavik.

Accommodation in Reykjavík

Day 7.

The South of Iceland is also rich of Sagas, i.e. the scene of one of the jewels of nordic medevial literature the Njals Saga. We will sail with the ferry to the Westman Islands known for there rich birdlife and many puffins. Heimaey is sometimes refereded  to as the Pompei of the North because of the eruption of 1973 which forced all the islanders to leave their island for a while. Heimaey is also rich of history and here we will see the reconstructed stave church. Accommodation in Reykjavík

Day 8.

To day are we  visiting the hightlights of South Iceland, we will drive the  Golden Circle, see the Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysers and visit Thingvellir the UNESCO world´s heritage site where the Althing the worlds oldest still extisting parliamenet was founded in 930 AD . Geologically is Thingvellir also interested as the riftzone between the Euroasian and the North American tectonic plates lies through the area.

Accommodation in Reykjavík

Day 9.

Transfer to Keflavik Airport. Return flight.


Valid from 15.06. – 22.06. 2018         min 10 max 15 participants

Price per person in dbl room               4.065-EUR

Included :

·        6 nights in Iceland in a middle class hotels

·        2 nights in Greenland

·        Halfboard (breakfast and 3 course dinner )

·        All boat tours and transfers in Greenland

·        6 days bus and guide as per program

·        Arrival and departure airport transfers