Polar Bear

A Sailing and Camping Adventure, a truly once in a lifetime experience.

The Wilderness of East Greenland
Day 1:
Departure from Reykjavik to Kulusuk. After less than two hours flight we land on the rocky island of Kulusuk, which is surrounded by icebergs and high mountains. Your guide will receive you at the airport and take you down to the harbour where our boat the  „Uiloq“ is waiting. The vessel is certified to carry passengers and the captain is a living legend who has decades of experience in sailing under arctic conditions. It is no wonder that he is known under the nickname  „The Iceman“ !
We will start our journey by sailing to the nearby glacier Apusait where the engine will be turned off so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and quietness to the fullest. Then we will sail up to the Ammassalik fjord all the way to the village of Tinit. There we will put up our camp, cook our meal. The evening can be spent walking around the villlage with the colourful houses and many sleddogs. From Tinit we have a great view over the Sermilik Fjord with it´s many icebergs.

Day 2:
We will leave Tinit and have breakfast on board. To day are we cruising in the Sermilik bay  which is a very big with icebergs of all sizes and forms. We will be sailing in to the Johan Petersen Fjord where we get close to huge glaciers. The area is compleatly uninhabited a true wilderness. It is not uncommon to spot seals or even whales in these surroundings. In the late afternoon are we sailing to the abandoned village of Ikateq where we will camp.

Day 3:
To day are we returning back to the civilization.Today´s destination is the capital of East-Greenland: Tasiilaq. The town has almost 2000 inhabitants and many colourful wooden houses, but also shops ,cafés and restaurants. In despite of  the modern appearance of Tasiilaq, then the locals have not forgotten their origin and culture. The sleddogs are not far away and the harbour is thriving with hunters and fishermen. East Greenland is known for it´s skillfull craftsmen that are carving out figures (tupilaks), that many are real pieces of art. We have a chance to purchase skin clothes and local art.
We will spend the night at the camping site in Tasiilaq.

Day 4:
In the early morning are we sailing to Kulusuk where we will check in for a flight to Reykjavik
Note: An extra night in Kulusuk  in a hotel or guesthouse can be added.
Flights Reykjavik-Kulusuk-Reykjavik
Escorted boat excursions in a small group (max 12 people, minum 7)
accommodation in tents for 3 nights.
Meals:  Evening meals x 3, breakfast x 3, lunch x 3
Sleeping bags for 3 nights.

Departure:  Please contact us for more information

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