Visit The Volcano

Volcanic experience !!

The site of the eruptions  which have been taking place  near Mt. Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula is a sight which does not leave anyone untouched. For the last 800 years no eruptions have been taking place in this area but since the 19th of March 2021 three eruptions have taken place  and the craters  been spouting glowing lava fountains up to a height of 300 meters /900 feet.  Northern Explorer can arrange sightseeing flights to  the volcanic area   from the Reykjavik domestic airport from which there is only about 10 minutes flight to this amazing attraction which the Icelanders refer to as a “tourist-eruption”. Since October 2023 have a lot of earthquakes been taking place there so the geologists are constantly monitoring the situation and the possibility of a new eruption has not yet been excluded.


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